Hi, I'm Christy.

I teach busy professionals and their teams how to lead more effectively, work more efficiently, and live more joyfully at work and at home through personal annual planning and coaching.


After a successful career that took me from the performing arts to the corporate world to the nonprofit world, I became a mother of five within six years and my life suddenly got crazy busy. Though I handled it well for the most part, even starting a successful YouTube channel and coaching program for foster parents, the stress of trying to do it all began to cost me. My mental health and personal relationships suffered, until I reached a breaking point and reached out for help.

Through coaching, mentoring, and spiritual direction, I found the new rhythms of life I needed in order to flourish (and help my family flourish as well!), and, true to being an Enneagram 1w2, I am highly motivated to offer to others what I have discovered!

Today, I hold the ACC credential from International Coaching Federation and I work with busy professionals to lead more effectively across all spheres of life.


"I'm blown away by the return on investment from working with you!"

- Stephanie, Small Business Owner

"So much wisdom! Christy has intuition, good instincts, patience, and just the right touch. I learned a lot from our work together."

- Cary, Executive Director

"Christy is immensely talented and really helped me as my life coach. Absolutely recommend her wholeheartedly."

- Devin, Filmmaker

It's All About JOY


What I do is help people with time management, leadership skills, and annual planning so they can lead more effectively and work more efficiently.

But the real reason I do what I do comes down to one thing: I want to help people live more joyfully.


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